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The Spark Of God From Whence I Came
I closed my eyes just for a moment When the invitation came To travel beyond the darkness Into the rich velvety midnight blackness Stretching inward,  Reaching into the caverns The caverns of my soul. Against my customary clinging To caution and safety, The invitation led me.

Seemingly reckless and dangerous, I continued to follow Deeper and deeper Into the rich velvety midnight blackness, Eventually fading ever so slightly, Giving rise to a faint glow On what I could only presume Was the horizon of my soul.
A distant flickering spark Now grabbed me like a wave Pulling me ever closer Till I was immersed in the spark. It was inexplicably familiar Like I was home. And I knew, I knew, This was the spark of God From whence I came.

I had no desire to leave. The need to conquer anything Anything at all, including evil, Slipped away. “This is the place to live Even in the world,” I thought. “And I can, but.” Yes, the perennial but. “But will I?”