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So, New Year’s Eve.
Atrocities around the world, Mother Nature continuing to erupt With little concern for life. (What kind of mother is she?) No miracles to bolster faith, Only broken relationships, Undeserved illnesses, Unthinkable personal traumas, Deaths, Losses of every sort and kind.
Exactly! Can’t be a God.
But how could there not be?
Perhaps an inside discussion with yourself, Or with your friends, As you watch the year unwind itself, The numbers tumbling from The face of the clock into oblivion, Into a history that no longer exists.
Unfortunately, We will probably not find God On a synaptic journey, Poking around the amygdalan storehouse Where our limiting mental models of reality Fight for first place.
We will not find God trudging through The cement of disillusionment, doubt And disbelief.
If we insist upon searching for God in the left hemisphere, We may find comfort in Cause and effect, But hardly the essence of Love Who mysteriously plays the heart, Beat by beat, like a faithful drum.
Einstein suggests Ther…


There are men And there are men.
Men, bulging with strength, Strutting with courage. Men, pretentious in their honesty. Men, decorated for their bravery.
There are men And there are men.
Then, there is this man. Secure in his strength, Admittedly anxious when courage calls. (Only cowards feign calmness, He will tell you.) An open book in his honesty. (Only thieves steal the truth, He will tell you.) No medals to show, but a brave heart He wears. (Only the dead care to wear medals, He will tell you.)
Most men play by the rules or not. Most men play by the numbers or not. They have calculated and lost their souls, He will tell you. I play with the Gods, He will tell you. The Gods play by heart. 
It is his heart That makes him a gentle man. It is his heart that makes him different From other men. (Winners and losers do not have a heart He will tell you.) It takes a heart to beat the odds, It takes a heart to go the distance, It takes a heart to do more than run the race. It takes a heart to cross the finish line. It takes a…


O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Alight with gentle feet. Dance amidst the tinsel, The lights, skirt about The Christmas table, set For the feast.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Set ablaze with tender fire, The hearts of all who marvel At your glow.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Quicken your bluish flame Fluttering in the eyes of jealous lovers, Yearning to be touched by you.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Extinguish not yourself Till Love burns brightly, Yet consuming not Heart nor soul.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Envelop the air With sweet potpourri, The fragrance of love, Till the night is ravished By the morning sun.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Sing feverish melodies, Refrains of passion, a never-ending Cadenza of our hearts’ delights.
O Spark, Born of a Christmas Kiss, Flash, flame, but flicker not, Till the lips that bore you Gently extinguish you With yet another kiss, A kiss whispering good night; sleep, My love, till we awake from our dreams, Searching for one another, Ready to set our hea…