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As we approach Holy Week, We often marvel, Marvel at how much Jesus loved us, Loved us enough to die for us.
We are moved Contemplating the face of Jesus, Blood dripping, crowned, Crowned with thorns; His body whipped and bleeding.

Finally, His body hung, Hung on a cross with nails, Nails in his hands and feet. The final insult of a spear, A spear thrust through Thrust through his side, into his heart.
I pray us to continue, To continue looking at Jesus’ face, Jesus’ tortured body. Now, take the risk, The risk to remove our belief, Our belief that Jesus was crucified For our salvation. Take the risk to suspend our notion That Jesus’ body is tortured by our sins.
It’s certainly a soothing belief, Distracting us from the truth, The horror, The inexplicable. Yes, the truth That none of us like to embrace.
Jesus died, Jesus died because, Because WE crucified him; Not through our meaningless sins, But because we did not accept Jesus’ Love, Jesus’ love for all those people We disdain; All those people of whom We are afraid; All t…