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Autumn Was her favorite time, Time of year. Colors― Ambers, Burnt oranges, Deep reds― Warmed our home Which she adorned with leaves, Leaves preserved to remind us Of Autumns past and present.
Now, She has passed far beyond Even the Autumn of her own Earthly life To a place not a soul here Knows about.
And yes, It’s October again. And yes, I miss her so.

“Thank you, God For my healed heart.” A prayer I have been repeating Over and over again  For the last two and one half years. And with the prayer the obvious:  excitement and joy. Yes, for the last two and one half years.
You see, with God There is no time. So I will continue repeating Over and over again, “Thank you, God For my healed heart.” Feeling the obvious: excitement and joy.
A Possessive Lover Indeed
As many todays As people on the face of earth. One for each of us. Have you claimed yours today?
I’ve been wanting to give mine away In exchange for tomorrow’s catastrophes, Worse, next month’s catastrophes.
“Breathe,” she tells me. I breathe in slowly. Exhaling, Blowing out the candles One by one, One for each catastrophe.
“Hold me,” Today whispers, Close to your heart. I am yours, You are mine, if you wish. I’m all you need.”
Taking comfort in our embrace I take a deep deep breath and another. “I’m so lucky I have you,” I whisper back.