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Not sure
I really know you inside ‘n’ out. I know you. That’s for sure.
Kind of like sniffing, Smelling, cherishing, Guarding a rose, Being careful not to wound Even a petal.
Yet I will never know the rose completely. Even if I gingerly take the rose apart,  Piece by piece, I will be left with only Pieces and parts. But no rose.
I know there are places inside you That others judge as flawed, Imperfect, Character defects Not covered by the warranty!
And I know there are places inside you That others judge as beautiful, Perfect, twenty four karat.
For whatever reason I have no need to take you apart. I only see YOU. I’m careful not to wound Even a petal.
I am so grateful You showed up in my garden And insisted we journey To a new garden. One that belongs To neither you nor me, A place where we can plant our love, Where we can grow and blossom Together.

And be and become All of who we are With no judgments No decisions to eliminate Not even a single piece or part.


He genuinely strives for peace, Peace within his soul, Peace in the surroundings of his life. Yet he is hell-bent, Creating a careless clatter, A clatter of fears actually Invading his peace, Snatching it away, Leaving behind barren turmoil, Sadness.

At last, He silences the clatter. Resting finally, He admires his garden. There is no barren turmoil. He has to wonder if the clatter of fears Is just a dream or nightmare. He can’t help but notice The many plants and flowers Bearing his Lover’s touch, Her heart-print, Her scent.

He vows again to thwart off The clatter of fears, To hold onto to the peace, The peace that Love sows, The peace that forever blossoms In the nooks and crannies of his soul.

He smiles at Her scent, Knowing full well She is here, Still here, Is always here.