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Like a faithful sentinel I stood watch day after day, Impatiently waiting for the sun To run its course, to trip over itself, To, at last, tumble backward over the horizon, Giving way, of course, to the sky To light my dreams, one by one, Each and every night.
You were there in every dream, Your luscious body next to me. Sadly I awoke, day after day, To the sun, the empty space next to me.
Once again, I would rise from my dreams, Impatiently stand watch, Waiting for nightfall, so I could fall, Fall in love with you again and again Each and every night.
When I told a wise man, My dreaming would soon be over, He warned me Of the darkness that would befall my soul Should I no longer live in my dreams.
“Love does not exist in the light of day,” He warned me. “If you insist upon coming to your senses, Love will only fade away, just like the stars. “It is time, now,” he said, To live in your dreams Even when you are awake.”
And so, my love, I am impatiently waiting for this day to end, So we can join the sun, Tripping over…


Fathering: A little bit of instinct, hidden In that treasured pocket of your genes. A  chunk of love The size of your heart. A life-time supply of self-respect, Needing none from your children. A memory overflowing with compassion,  Remembering well what it is To be angry, hurt, Withholding, stubborn, lost. A precious soul all too familiar, Familiar with the blasphemous fallacy: So-called tough love, Too often indistinguishable From abandonment and cainful revenge. A beloved heart, perhaps broken  But healing, Healing one’s own father wounds.

The ingredients of Fathering. They are always there, There for your offspring, Perhaps even for a stranger, Perhaps even for yourself. No matter, The ingredients are always there, There for the trying on, for the wearing, for the taking, For the being.
Happy Father’s Day To all who choose to be Fathers In the many different ways we can be Fathers.