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I AM HERE (If you have lost someone recently or anytime. I guess that includes us all,)

I held your eyes, your hands Till I knew it was time, Time to let you pass. I watched you fly away To the horizon and beyond. I squinted, Wanting to follow you to The very very last.
I come back, day after day Peering into that same horizon Where I last saw you flying home, Hoping, hoping by some miracle, I will see the horizon shimmer, Letting me know you are returning.

Today as I stood vigil Awaiting your return, I sensed you next to me. At first I cried. I couldn’t touch you. But then I laughed, And you said something to me I will never forget.
“Yes, I am here,” you said. “It’s hard for me to believe You cannot see me. I am right here.
"I can see everything now Here and there, And the 'there' is where you are. Well, you’re here too Because there is no time here. We are all here.

"So go home. Stop waiting for me to return. I have already. Look for me With your soulful eyes. Then you will see me Right beside you. 
"I am here."